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Companies can save as much as $3.3M by eliminating software waste. G2 Track is your cost-cutting coach.

SaaS management should be simple. Simple isn’t easy. Until now.

Start shaping a winning software strategy.

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Unlock Efficient Software
& Spend Management

Too many systems. Too many license requests. Too many tools. Simplify that today.

  • Manage software licenses and renewals
  • Analyze your SaaS spending with ease
  • Identify unmanaged expenses in one go

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Manage Software & Spend

Leverage Employee Sentiment

Leverage Employee

No more ambiguity around employee satisfaction. Use G2 Track to:

  • Get access to customized user-centric insights
  • Create targeted pulse surveys to gauge user engagement
  • Foster employee feedback into purchase decisions

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Control Contracts &

Centralize your SaaS contracts to elevate visibility and simplify compliance processes.

  • Streamline effective license management
  • Stay on top of your contract renewals
  • Prevent overlap in subscriptions and drive spending efficiency

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Control Contracts & Compliance

Optimize Licenses & Budget_screenshot

Get License & Budget Insights

Negotiate like a pro. Get license details and insights to optimize cost reduction.

  • Use license cost benchmarking and trend analysis
  • Renew licenses mindfully by considering user insights
  • Identify underutilized resources and cut your expenses

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G2 Track is the best tool on the market in terms of frictionless integration, visibility, and tracking. We've already identified opportunities to save and have dramatically cut the cost of several products.

Oleg Campbell,
CEO Reply


G2 Track is the leader in the SaaS spend management
and operations management categories.








Why use G2 Track?

G2 Track is a SaaS management platform that provides you instant visibility into your tech stack. It continuously monitors your SaaS environment and delivers real-time insights to optimize spend and eliminate shadow IT. Powered by the best SaaS product taxonomy, G2 Track allows you to make informed decisions around SaaS spend management, SaaS license management, SaaS renewals, contract management, and more.

How does G2 Track work?

G2 Track uses a 3-stage discovery process to help organizations manage their SaaS spending effectively. It extracts software transaction data and maps it to G2’s taxonomy for accurate reporting. It then integrates with SSO providers and password managers to pull usage data and provide actionable insights. With the G2 Track dashboard, businesses can then access a wide range of data and metrics on shadow IT, inactive and unengaged licenses, contract compliance, and employee sentiment and optimize their spending for maximum savings.

How can I get started with G2 Track?

G2 Track is free to get started! Sign up here and get access to all essential features like stack identification, spend tracking, usage tracking, and more. If you want to explore our premium features, request a demo here to learn more about it!

Is my data secure with G2 Track?

Your data belongs to you. G2 Track prioritizes building trust by adhering to security and compliance standards. We implement encryption, multi-factor access, and data management controls to secure our operations. Read more about G2 Track’s security features here.

What integrations does G2 Track offer?

G2 Track integrates with leading accounting, password managers, and SSO apps to enable SaaS usage and spend reporting and uncover saving opportunities. It also connects with popular platforms like Salesforce and JumpCloud to help you stay on top of your licenses, identify underused software seats, gather user sentiment, and pay only for what’s essential.

What is the pricing structure for G2 Track?

G2 Track offers a freemium pricing model. You can sign up for free and access all essential features on G2 Track at no cost. Users with more advanced needs can upgrade to G2 Track Premium for additional features. Compare both plans here and choose what works best for your business needs.

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