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Identify exactly which apps you’re using, how often you use them, and how much you spend on each.

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Home Page - Never miss another renewal, or contract

Never miss another renewal, or contract

Unify your vendor data — invoices, renewals, compliance — together in a clean, single view.

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Keep your team in the know

Assign IT owners, notes, and details to contracts, and keep everybody on the same page.

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Home Page - Optimize your SaaS spend

Optimize your SaaS spend

Hone in on product usage, billing trends, and contract renewals to uncover ways to streamline -- and save.

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"I can definitely say that G2 Track is the best tool on the market in terms of frictionless integration, visibility and tracking. We've already identified opportunities to save and have dramatically cut the cost of several products."

Oleg Campbell
Founder and CEO, Reply


"Before G2 Track we were manually trying to calculate our software expenses. Now we've cancelled and downgraded a handful of services and have significantly reduced our monthly burn."

Raad Ahmed
Founder and CEO, LawTrades


"This tool is amazing and it delivered exactly as promised! Two minutes of setup and $4k in savings identified in the next three minutes. Pretty great value for five minutes spent!"

Anurag Garg
Founder and CEO, DATTUS

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