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Companies can save as much as $3.3M by eliminating software waste. G2 Track is your cost-cutting coach.

SaaS management should be simple. Simple isn’t easy. Until now.

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Manage Software
& Spend

Too many systems. Too many license requests. Too many tools. That stops today.

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Manage Software & Spend

Leverage Employee Sentiment

Leverage Employee

Save money, ensure employee satisfaction, and negotiate with valuable data.

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Control Contracts &

Consolidate all essential contract and compliance information.

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Control Contracts & Compliance

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Understand Licenses & Budget

Negotiate contracts like a pro. Reap significant savings.

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G2 Track is the best tool on the market in terms of frictionless integration, visibility, and tracking. We've already identified opportunities to save and have dramatically cut the cost of several products.

Oleg Campbell,
CEO Reply


G2 Track is the leader in the SaaS spend management
and operations management categories.







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