Streamline Software Requests

G2 Track’s App Catalog provides a central hub for approved tools and license requests.

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Gain visibility into your entire stack.

Showcase all available IT-approved tools to employees in an easily searchable platform.

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Facilitate efficiency by empowering employees to self-select tools that best suit their needs.

Consolidate requests & approvals.

Approve and manage software license requests in real time, all in one place.

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Customize your approval chain so you can focus on high-priority tasks instead of new requests.

Combat Shadow IT across all your teams.

With a single, 360° view of all available SaaS options, worry less about floating licenses and rogue software.

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Employees going rogue is a thing of the past. With one central SaaS hub, reduce Shadow IT and financial waste.

Streamline your stack with G2 Track’s App Catalog.

Customize your access workflow, gain full visibility into your stack, and get time back for what matters most.