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The foundation of your

budget-friendly SaaS stack.

Explore how our SaaS management platform (SMP) features and functions help eliminate wasteful SaaS spend to save IT, finance, procurement - and the whole business - time and money.

Direct Integrations
Three-step discovery

Get an accurate, complete view of all your SaaS apps, thanks to the world's best SaaS product taxonomy at

SSO Integrations
High-quality integrations

Connect quickly to SSOs, accounting apps, and select marketing leading SaaS solutions for fast, accurate metrics and reports.

Financial Integrations
Actionable insights

Optimize SaaS spend continually with dashboards that show all apps, usage, spend, engagement, and employee sentiment.

Complete discovery of all SaaS apps that’s easy as 1, 2, 3

Total visibility into your SaaS environment is only as good as an SMP’s ability to find all the apps used at your organization.
Leaving no stone unturned, G2 Track uses a 3-stage discovery process.

Step 1: Use software transaction data together with the world’s leading SaaS product taxonomy to uncover SaaS apps

G2 Track connects to your accounting app to get only relevant software transaction data to map it to the world’s most comprehensive SaaS product taxonomy at

This is why, G2 Track’s discovery process gives customers a significant advantage:

  • No SaaS app can hide from G2 Track
  • G2 Track hides irrelevant apps, like internal development instances.
No more cluttered, useless dashboards. Teams get fast, accurate, and actionable reporting of all commercial SaaS apps every time.

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Understand every software transaction.

Step 2: Enrich stack data with SaaS app user access and usage insights

In the second discovery stage, G2 Track integrates with:

  • Password managers
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)/identity providers, and
  • Secure, open authentication standard OAuth.
By using these integrations, G2 Track pulls in access and usage data for every connected SaaS app and then creates important insights.

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Deliver insights with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Step 3: Review by G2 Track Contracts Concierge team

Third and most importantly, our Contracts Concierge team adds human judgment, making sure the G2 Track platform has all the correct contract information including:

  • Renewal dates
  • Terms and conditions
  • License pricing
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Real humans make sure correct contract information.

High-quality, up-to-date integrations
yield accurate insights

Get high quality SaaS insights by using integrations built for the job, not the marketing brochure.

In just minutes, connect G2 Track to leading accounting, password managers and SSO apps for SaaS spend and usage reporting. In addition, connect directly to select market-leading SaaS solutions to uncover detailed license-level usage insights.

These integrations enable insights that are uniquely tailored to select apps license packaging according to your contract. This way, you can easily pinpoint licenses to remove or downgrade for optimal SaaS spend - at all times.

Dashboards with all the intelligence needed to optimize SaaS spend

Since the SaaS environment is always fast-changing, the G2 Track platform continually monitors your organization’s SaaS inventory.

For every SaaS app that powers your organization, the G2 Track dashboard shows important real-time insights.

Value Prop 1

Monitor a wide range of key
SaaS metrics.

Our reports reveal shadow IT; inactive and unengaged licenses, and users per app; app cost per employee; and many others.

Value Prop 2

Act on SaaS contract terms kept at your fingertips.

Store all contracts in a single place and get spend reduction recommendations and alerts on key renewals dates.

Value Prop 3

Improve decisions using unified spend and sentiment data.

Make fast decisions based on what matters – the combination of spend, usage, engagement, and sentiment.

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