G2 Track Integrations

Manage SaaS licenses, contracts, and spend in one place.

Every integration you need to increase ROI on your software and decrease spend on your tools.

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Track your stack.

Connect single sign-on. Access license utilization data and collect user sentiment on the products you pay for with G2 Track’s SSO integrations.

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Track your contracts.

Connect Accounting & ERP. House and manage contracts, subscriptions, and spend with G2 Track’s finance integrations.

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Track your spend.

Connect Expense Management & Invoicing. Monitor SaaS paid for directly by employees and reimbursed by you with G2 Track’s expense management integrations.

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Track your value.

Directly Integrate with G2 Track. See how much you’re spending on specific products, and what you’re getting out of them with direct G2 Track integrations.

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G2 Track Integrations
Simplify your SaaS.

Integrate with G2 Track to learn what software you use, how it’s used, what it costs, who uses it, and how they feel about it.