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Collaborate with teams to manage IT

Assign IT owners, notes and details to contracts, to always keep everybody on the same page.

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Keep it all, together

Consolidate spend, usage, and contracts for the full view you’ve waited for.

  • Set alerts and never miss renewals for the IT you need
  • Assign contracts to the stakeholders who own them
  • Leave key notes on contracts to keep IT’s perspective top-of-mind
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Collaborate on IT - Keep it all, together

Collaborate on IT - Alert teammates, as IT happens

Alert teammates, as IT happens

Learn about new products, spikes in spend, and opportunities to save.

  • Instantly know when a change to your stack is detected
  • Ensure total visibility of your Track alerts by sending them through Slack
  • Get monthly summaries on past charges and future spend
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Track budget, by department

Monitor products, utilization, and spend, by department.

  • Assign individual team members as IT owners
  • Break down IT costs by department manually (or based on headcount and usage)
  • Ensure every department keeps IT costs under control
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Collaborate on IT - Track budget, by department

Collaborate on IT - Track usage, by employee

Track usage, by employee

Monitor the data, apps, and IT every single team member uses.

  • Auto-clean and roll all employee data up into a single view
  • Learn your average monthly software costs per employee
  • Understand which apps are being used by which employees
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