The right software. The best price. More stack control.

Combine the SaaS visibility delivered by G2 Track with the contract negotiation and procurement power provided by Vendr.

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Time and money saved.

You’re growing. Fast. And so is your tech stack.

Assuring financial viability can be a tough nut to crack.

Manage and optimize your SaaS with G2 Track.


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Outsource contract negotiations to Vendr’s procurement pros.



More stack control, more time for high-value tasks, more money saved.

Together, G2 Track and Vendr just make sense--and save cents.

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“The G2 Track + Vendr partnership makes it simple for our customers to optimize their software stack.”

Sara Rossio, CPO, G2



Unlock tech stack transparency.

Instantly diagnose your SaaS sprawl, confidently optimize your tech footprint, and choose the right software for your business. Sustainably spend, powered by G2 Track.

Optimize purchasing.

G2 Track clarifies complete stack and spend data. Then, Vendr leverages the whole lot, optimizing the purchasing process with end-to-end deal management, including negotiations.

Confident SaaS control.

One seamless workflow connects your internal software landscape, streamlines IT operations, and negotiates prices that strengthen your bottom line.

From purchase to renewal, manage your stack more effectively.

Get the guide and explore what G2 Track + Vendr can do for your stack.