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I’ve reduced my SaaS spend by at least 30% so far. G2 Track not only saves me money, but allows me to reallocate parts of the savings to the right SaaS tools we need.

Kurt M. |Midmarket


Unite as a company with a software strategy that suits your unique needs, syncing data from accounting, financial, and SSO systems.

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Streamline software & vendor info in one platform, so you spend less time trying to stay organized and more time supporting your growth plan.

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Rightsize your SaaS sprawl and spend, bolstering your company’s ability to grow and win sustainably.

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Enhance your ability to help your team use the right software to do their jobs correctly, improve the bottom line, and hit objectives.

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Alleviate the complexity and uncertainty that stems from a growing yet disconnected internal software suite.

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2020 SaaS Spend

  • $150K

  • $1.8M

  • $8.7M


We expect these numbers to continue growing as they have every year for the past 5 years.

G2 Track can help you significantly reduce your average monthly software burn.

"[G2] Track has saved me a full-time employee for asset management. I have one reference as the source of truth that stands up in front of our [c-suite] and is understandable at the analyst level too."

Jason B

Midmarket Review