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Say Hello to Your New Compliance Department

Introducing: Compliance Hub by G2 Track

Monitor the data, security, privacy, and company governance of every product your team uses — and eliminate the risk of falling out of compliance due to lost documents, resource constraints, or human error.

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Regulatory demands change fast.

G2 Track’s Compliance Hub will ensure you’re always up-to-date.

Manage Vendors and Compliance - Remain in constant compliance UPDATED

Streamline your operations.

Compliance Hub will give you the data you need to understand due-diligence, ongoing monitoring, and compliance failure — per tool, per vendor.

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Be more competitive.

Compliance Hub lets you assess whether the cost of working with a vendor outweighs the benefit of the product itself.

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Safeguard your brand.

Compliance Hub will help you avoid data and regulatory breaches that can cause irreparable damage to your brand.

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G2 Track’s Compliance Hub:

The best way to easily manage your company’s security and compliance.

  • Track all of your compliance requirements
  • Create custom compliance items
  • Group related products together

Learn more about Compliance Hub: