G2 Track Purchase Reports

Seize control of SaaS contract negotiations.

Negotiating SaaS contracts can be challenging, especially if you don't have the right data.

G2 Track Purchase Reports gives you access to pricing benchmarks, lifecycle benchmarks, and product switch stories, empowering you to make more informed SaaS decisions and negotiate a competitive price.

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PeerStreet cut SaaS spend by 14%. Get in on that good stuff.

Data is power.

Access validated data visualized and sourced from G2’s giant pool of active users.

Evaluate investment value.

Be sure that a product can be implemented efficiently and deliver fast ROI after you sign the dotted line.

Put the right butts in the right number of seats.

Know the number of licenses customers usually buy to gauge your own needs.

Don’t miss out on discounts.

Leave coupon cutting to grandma. Make sure you get the discounts you deserve—and that other customers are receiving.

Solve the sales shroud.

No more secret deals made behind closed doors. Gain transparency into what vendors typically charge so you can negotiate with confidence.

Be better prepared for software renewal conversations.

You’re under pressure. More than ever, you have to make software decisions that save big bucks. Gathering accurate pricing info and performance data is no cake walk, especially when vendors are your number one source. It’s time for confidence during renewal negotiations.

G2 Track Purchase Reports deliver:

  • Pricing benchmarks: Know if you’re paying more or less than your peers.
  • Lifestyle benchmarks: Understand hidden implementation, adoption, and support costs.
  • Product switch stories: Get the scoop on what products your peers are switching from and to.
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