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I love knowing I can log into my account each month and find the information I'm looking for in one place. I don't have to track down each account owner to see what we are spending each month.

Jessica P | Small Business



Monitor SaaS spend within your software stack.

  • Get a complete picture of your software subscriptions
  • Unlock valuable insights into how a solution is being used
  • Spot cost-saving opportunities easily
Organize a holistic tech strategy.

Uncover overlapping software products.

  • Make informed decisions using G2 Track's stack analysis
  • Monitor user behavior and usage patterns
  • Identify redundant applications and maximize your software investments

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Operate more efficiently with the right tools.

Eliminate wasted software spend.

  • Reduce wasteful expenses by managing your software needs better
  • Enhance your SaaS budget clarity for stronger financial planning
  • Optimize software investments for organizational growth and efficiency

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Forge financial security.

Discover and eliminate shadow IT.

  • Identify and remove unauthorized software usage
  • Minimize financial waste and enhance your cybersecurity posture
  • Align all applications with your organization's goals

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Detect all software vendors, even hidden ones.

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