On-Demand Webinar

Vendor Management: The Epic Project That Just Landed on Your Plate

Check out the G2 roundtable with heads of IT, Finance, and Biz Systems and unpack:

  • Why it’s so dang hard to see who’s using what software
  • Discovering app redundancy and weird usage patterns
  • Handling contracts and compliance without a stress ball
  • Managing renewals to avoid overpaying

Watch the webinar.


Join G2 to dish about the hardest job no one ever talks about.

You’re juggling tasks and wearing so many hats your head is sweating. Then 2023 comes around and… boom. Vendor management for your entire org lands on your plate.

Don’t shout, “Why me?!” into the unanswering abyss.

Instead, let’s start a convo about the hardest job we never talk about: How to manage an out-of-control list of vendors, software, and contracts in order to save your company thousands.

Who you’ll hear from:

Catch our Chief Product Officer Sara Rossio
moderate a chat featuring G2’s savviest
SaaS players.


Sara Rossio
Chief Product Officer


Michael Quirk
VP, Information Security


Joe Stuckel
VP, Finance

Headshot-MichaelQuirk Copy

Mitch Osborne
Director, Business Systems

Take the struggle out of vendor management.


Too. Many. SaaS. Silos.

Too many folks in your org manage their own stacks, and we’re betting they don’t have vendor management at the top of their LinkedIn profiles. A ton of silos means big time stress.


Challenges abound.

Your org might be big. It might be small. But no matter what, the struggle to purchase the right solutions, manage use and compliance, and negotiate renewals is real.


Insights from the SaaS epicenter.

G2 has over 130K products listed across 70K categories. Safe to say we’re SaaS HQ. Who better to help you work through the tall task of vendor management?