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INTRODUCING: Pulse Survey by G2 Track

Which software tools do you
really need?

Now you can know for sure by embedding sentiment surveys directly into G2 Track.

G2 Track Pulse Surveys are the fastest, easiest way to ask your employees what they really think about a product in your tech stack.

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Don’t know if you really need a tool?

Just check the Pulse Survey.


Employee feedback on autopilot

Set up automatically recurring emails to identify what software is critical to your business (and employees) by getting feedback from the everyday users of the tools you’re paying for.


Leverage feedback during contract renewals

Determine which of your contracts need rightsizing (based on utilization feedback) and how aggressively you can negotiate your renewal contracts.


Extend your runway

Reduce your costs by eliminating all non-critical, low-rate products from your tech stack — and your budget.

Keep only the tools you need with G2 Track Pulse Surveys

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