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Know exactly which apps you use, how often, and how much you’re spending on each to start saving -- asap.

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Start saving money, now

Streamline, save, and win on spend, utilization and value.

  • Put the world’s largest product category database to work
  • Track SaaS transactions automatically
  • Double-down on the tools you’re using — and consolidate those you aren’t
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Automate Software Discovery - Start saving money, now

Automate Software Discovery - Protect your data

Protect your data

Shine light on shadow IT accessing employee data; flag, deprovision, and revoke access.

  • Uncover every app that uses employee and company data
  • Flag apps yet to be properly provisioned by you
  • Revoke access for any apps that were trialed but never used
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See everything, always

Understand costs by unifying data, tracking app usage, and pinpointing spend.

  • Unify product usage data from every app
  • Understand which apps employees use most (and least)
  • Pinpoint your average monthly software costs per employee
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Automate Software Discovery - See everything, always

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