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10 Ways G2 Track Protects Your Data From Breaches

April 16, 2021

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Your company stores a lot of personal data in its SaaS applications.

And not just data about your company, but about your customers, too.

Because of this, it’s more important than ever that you consider SaaS security when implementing a SaaS management tool. How does it protect data from falling into the wrong hands in the event of a data breach? Is customer data stored on a physical server? Will sensitive data be encrypted? 

These are just some of the questions you should be asking before handing information over. When it comes to all of the above and so much more, G2 Track has you covered by providing the utmost peace of mind that our customer's data is always kept under lock and key, out of reach from hackers. 

Why is data security important? 

Think about all of the information about you that lives on the internet. Everything from your family vacation photos that you uploaded to social media to your credit card information at your favorite online store is out there for the right hacker to find.

An event like a data breach can compromise your personal information and deliver it right to a malicious hacker, which can cause some serious damage to you, your business, or your customers. 

There are numerous ways a data breach can occur. One of the most common ways is password mismanagement. This means, you’ve used a password that is too common and the hackers were able to guess it, log into a personal account, and access your data. A data breach is also likely to occur when you have vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure. Even a slight security gap can have major repercussions. 

It’s absolutely crucial that you utilize software solutions that work towards protecting your data at all times. Even if you’re an extremely complex password that’s different for every account, you need to be able to trust the applications you’re using, whether it’s in a personal or professional setting. If you don’t, it’s only a matter of time before you fall victim to a data breach.

$8.64 million

was the average cost of a data breach in 2020.

Source: Digital Guardian

How G2 Track keeps data secure

Customer data security and privacy are a top priority for G2 Track. Because of this, we’re always employing various strategies, tools, and new processes to ensure that our security practices achieve their number one objective: keeping sensitive customer information out of reach from hackers and scammers.

Here’s a peek into the 10 ways we accomplish this day in and day out.

1. A dedicated team of security experts

G2 Track customers have complete peace of mind that comes from working with a dedicated team of security experts. 

The G2 Track security team consists of specialists in areas of security, governance, risk, and compliance that are committed to the overall security of not only the organization but the data that lives within the SaaS management tool. With top security professionals working around the clock to ensure the safety and security of your data, customers can feel comfortable uploading their personal data into the system.

2. Comprehensive infrastructure and network security

Additionally, all of G2 Track’s extensive services run within the cloud. And not just any cloud – Amazon Web Services. G2 Track doesn’t host any of our customer’s sensitive data on physical and database servers, DNS servers, load balancers, or routers. Because AWS remains compliant using several key certifications, we trust it to provide robust security operations to protect our infrastructure. 

We also utilize network protection that is enabled through a virtual private cloud, a bastion host or VPN with network access control lists (ACLs), zero public IP addresses, plus a firewall that monitors all inbound and outbound traffic.

In addition to these security measures, G2 Track utilizes tools like as a way to monitor and protect the infrastructure even further from automated scanners, targeted attacks, and bots. Sqreen works to intercept any sort of attack and will alert the G2 Track team if there are any critical threats. It also houses additional features, like IP blocking and library vulnerability management, to take security on step further.

And because G2 Track uses Cloudflare as a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation service, systems are always up and running.

3. Data encryption

All customer data, whether it’s sent to or from G2 Track’s infrastructure, is always encrypted in transit using industry best practices through a Transport Layer Security (TLS v1.2). Plus, all user data, including passwords, are always encrypted using top-notch encryption algorithms (AES-256) within the database.

4. Business continuity and disaster recovery

We all know that backing up our data is important, but how often do you really back up your hardware and software?

At G2 Track, our database and other critical assets are not only backed up regularly, but they’re automatically backed up, so nothing is ever lost. Plus, the backups are restored to guarantee a fast and seamless recovery of all personal information in case of a disaster scenario.

And of course, all database backups are encrypted.

5. Security monitoring and protection

G2 Track always implements security monitoring solutions as a way to build visibility into application security and respond quickly to a data breach or other critical attack categories, like an SQL injection or cross-site scripting. 

The team consistently monitors exceptions and detects anomalies within the application. Users are logged extensively, which provides an audit trail of malicious and non-malicious user activity. In addition, a runtime protection system is utilized that identifies and blocks any incoming attack in real-time.

The G2 Track team also uses security headers to protect our customers from any and all attacks that could be on the horizon. 

6. Security development

Within the security industry, best practices are always changing and becoming even more comprehensive. Because of this, the G2 Track engineering team follows the best practices and frameworks put in place by OWASP Top 10.

Our software engineering team consistently participates in security training to always stay up to date and learn more about common vulnerabilities and threats. 

Additionally, the team performs automated and offline code reviews for security vulnerabilities. Any dependencies found are updated regularly to make sure none of them contain known vulnerabilities that could put data at risk. The monitoring infrastructure is capable of warning the team when application components with known vulnerabilities are used in production so that the proper response can be implemented immediately.

7. User protection

For G2 Track paid customers, single sign-on through Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is offered. There’s the additional peace of mind that comes with the fact that G2 Track is compatible with significant SSO providers, like Okta, Microsoft Azure AD, Onelogin, and Duo Security. In the event that users authenticate through an email password, a strong password policy is enforced.


of malware is delivered by email.

Source: PurpleSec

Also, paying G2 Track customers have access to advanced role-based access control (RBAC). This allows the G2 Track admins to define proper roles and permissions to different functionalities and data sets for an additional level of security. Suspicious user behavior monitoring is also enabled so that our team can react quickly in the case of account takeovers.

8. Limited employee access

At G2, we have a strict internal procedure that prevents any employee or administration from being able to gain access to user data, with limited exceptions are made for critical customer support. All G2 track employees sign an ironclad non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement that protects our customer’s sensitive information. 

In addition, all critical applications, like email, Salesforce, and Zoom, as well as cloud infrastructure AWS services, are only accessible through multi-factor authorization using Okta SSO. 

9. Focused on compliance

While G2 Track isn’t subject to HIPAA compliance, it remains fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The purpose of remaining compliant with the GDPR is to protect the private data of EU citizens who are our customers and to give them complete control over their own data.

10. Penetration testing

Penetration testing, sometimes referred to as pen testing, is a method to explore an IT environment and identify how a hacker can exploit any exposed vulnerabilities. It's also commonly called ethical hacking, as it involves your testers mimicking the hacker's act, but with the proper permissions. 

G2 conducts extensive web application, API, and infrastructure (external and Internal) penetration tests through reputable third parties at least once a year to ensure any blindspots are accounted for and solved.

Taking security up a notch

If you’ve ever had any doubt that using a SaaS system of record isn’t the most secure solution for your company, let these ten reasons why G2 Track is different change your mind. With so many security measures in place, customers know that their sensitive data is always safe within our application.

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