Rachel Ramsey

Rachel is the Marketing Director at G2 Track - G2's SaaS Management Platform - designed to help IT and Finance leaders better manage and optimize their SaaS stack.

Webinar Recap on “Vendor Management: The Epic Project That Just Landed on Your Plate”

Last week’s G2 Track webinar focused on solutions around epic vendor management projects and...

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SaaS Management

The Best Productiv Alternatives for Managing SaaS

If you’re exploring the best Productiv alternatives, or looking for a new SaaS management platform...

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Stress-free SaaS renewals and purchases with data-driven intelligence from G2 Track Purchase Reports

There’s now a smarter—and less stressful—approach to SaaS renewals and purchases: rich data that...

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Know the hidden risks of Shadow IT and its impact on your SaaS stack

If you’re like the average organization, you have an untold number of SaaS apps floating around...

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PeerStreet Sees Immediate ROI by Using G2 Track

PeerStreet leveled the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street by taking on one of the...

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