Stress-free SaaS renewals and purchases with data-driven intelligence from G2 Track Purchase Reports

April 28, 2023

There’s now a smarter—and less stressful—approach to SaaS renewals and purchases: rich data that helps you make informed decisions.

Introducing G2 Track Purchase Reports, an annual subscription providing pricing, contract terms, and other insights about today’s most common, market-leading SaaS tools.

Never negotiate another renewal without G2 Track Purchase Reports.

Why we created G2 Track Purchase Reports

After years of staff turnover and fast SaaS adoption, Annual Contract Values (ACV) have been on the rise across the board.

According to Information Services Group, ACV for the entire SaaS market has increased 6x over the last 8 years. Since 2015, it’s gone from $2.1 billion to $15.4 billion at the end of last year. And chances are good, when you look at your organization’s total SaaS spending, you’ve experienced similar increases.

Now, approaching mid-2023, economic headwinds are ushering in a new imperative for many organizations:

To tackle the challenge, G2 Track Purchase Reports take the guesswork out of renewing and buying software.

Who’s using G2 Track Purchase Reports? IT, finance, and procurement folks who are:

  • Facing renewals,
  • Considering replacing an app, or
  • Adding a new app

G2 Track Purchase Reports speed the purchase process and make it easy to undertake confident SaaS renewals and purchases with data-driven intelligence.

What makes G2 Track Purchase Reports perfect for you

As an add-on product to the G2 Track SaaS Management Platform, G2 Track Purchase Reports are the perfect complement to G2’s quality buying information you already rely on when buying software.

With data grounded in validated review data from actual users and app administrators, G2 Track Purchase Reports give you the power to make the right decisions about the apps you’re assessing or renewing.

Derived from extensive non-public review data, as well as proprietary contract and pricing data, G2 Purchase Reports will help you:

  • Understand whether your organization can achieve the return on investment at the pace you need, and
  • Demystify the unknowns around the business aspects of the purchase process including pricing, discounts, and contract terms

How you can take advantage of G2 Track Purchase Reports

G2 Track Purchase Reports is an annual subscription of pricing and contracts research reports on the SaaS applications of your choice.

In addition, since we know the buying process doesn’t always go according to plan, each G2 Track Purchase Report can be refreshed each quarter.

You choose the SaaS apps, and we’ll deliver the always up-to-date software lifecycle insights, contract terms, pricing, and user intelligence reports.

Currently the G2 Track Purchase Reports library includes the top 100 SaaS apps commonly used by most organizations. As the library of available apps grows, we may be able to accommodate requests outside the top 100.

3 ways to use G2 Track Purchase Reports

So when would organizations use G2 Track Purchase Reports?

They’re practical when adding a new SaaS vendor, but they’re particularly valuable when considering renewing SaaS contracts.

Now, let’s detail how you can use a G2 Track Purchase Report in decision-making and negotiating a new SaaS contract.

1. Buying a new SaaS app

If you’re like most organizations, your first step to finding a new SaaS app is developing your product requirements with your different business functions.

Your second step is very likely heading over to and diligently reading user reviews and learning about SaaS buying trends. And then as you progress from reviews to the initial sales meeting and demos, you arrive at your short list of finalists to compare.

As you know, it’s difficult enough to compare features and functions because no two SaaS products are the same. But sometimes the best choice comes down to the optimal mix of features, functions, expected software adoption, and the business characteristics of the purchase itself.

This is particularly true when two apps can equally meet business needs with similar features and functions, like SaaS apps for project management.

Buyers, especially in these cases, need to evaluate the whole package. The features and functions that meet the business needs, as well as both the “intangibles” and “tangible” elements of the purchase. After all, they all play a role in determining the most appropriate app for your organization.

Provided apps’ features and functions meet business needs at the right price, the best app for your organizations may come down to the right combination of “intangibles” like:

  • Ease of use,
  • Ease of admin, or
  • Speed of setup.

Conversely, if an app’s tangible aspects of the purchase like price, discounts, implementation fees, contract terms are right for your organization, you’re willing to make software lifecycle or feature/function trade-offs.

Regardless of your organization’s priorities, G2 Track Purchase Reports’ holistic, data-driven intelligence based on actual contracts and users’ experiences can help. They give a comprehensive and comparative view across the software lifecycle of:

  • Ability to meet requirements,
  • Implementation choices,
  • Speed of implementation,
  • Implementation cost,
  • Time to return on investment (ROI),
  • Quality of support,
  • User adoption, and
  • Ease of doing business.

Armed with the whole product view, you can more easily determine which SaaS vendor will best meet your expectations across all your requirements.

2. Replacing a SaaS app with a more suitable choice

This is where Reviewer Switch Stories from G2 Track Purchase Reports really help you make decisions. You’ll get the high-level overview of switching that takes place for similarly-sized organizations as well as the entire user base.

In addition, G2 review surveys gather more information than is publicly available on For example, we know if a user is reviewing a product that is replacing another one.

These product replacements go both ways, as well.

Our data includes opinions for users who switch TO a given product, just as much as it includes intelligence from users who switch FROM a given product. Reviewer Switch Stories in G2 Track Purchase reports provide a balanced picture of why some users leave an app and why other users choose it.

These reviews include insightful, rich context for why certain organizations switched from one product to another. Context, such as reviewer role and organization size, are also provided for benchmarking purposes.

This way, we make sure you are reading reviews most relevant to organizations like yours.

In addition, we make every effort to include Reviewer Switch Stories from the range of decision-makers, as well.

By doing this, you’ll get a balanced perspective from stakeholders like IT, finance, procurement, or operations professionals.

3. Renewing a SaaS app at a competitive price

The renewal process is changing. Thanks to the ability to discover your SaaS stack using tools like G2 Track, organizations finally have awareness of all their SaaS accounts.

As is often the case, discovery reveals multiple accounts of the same app, multiple apps with the same use case, and overspending, in general.

Additionally, with the dust settling on the SaaS boom of the early 2020s, getting the best deal on SaaS renewals now has greater urgency.

For all these reasons, G2 Track Purchase Reports are now more crucial for you than ever. Thanks to reviews from those users in Admin roles, we’re able to deliver a comparative analysis of an app and its main competitors.

Among other things, you can expect to learn important information like:

  • User or seat pricing packages,
  • Pricing ranges,
  • Contract lengths, and
  • Average discounts

So you can be confident in our data, our G2 Track Purchase Reports’ methodology and definitions are completely transparent.

You’ll always know the total number of company reviews and how it breaks out according to size segment (small, mid-market, enterprise, and unknown). Additionally, so you know our data is always timely, you’ll know review counts by quarter.

SaaS renewing - and buying - made easy with data-driven, holistic intelligence from G2 Track Purchase Reports

In sum, G2 Track Purchase Reports give you the power to make the most informed renewing and buying decisions. You’ll have unprecedented knowledge about products you are considering, and that knowledge is grounded in validated review data from actual users and administrators.

Regardless of whether you aim for more visibility into:

  • Software lifecycle benchmarks,
  • Product replacements and switching stories, or
  • Pricing, discounts, and contracts,

You’ll finally have stress-free SaaS renewing and buying with data from G2 Track Purchase Reports.

Sounds like what you’re looking for?

Learn more now about how G2 Track Purchase Reports can meet your SaaS renewing and buying needs.

Manage your software costs with G2 Track.