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Enhance Collaboration and Boost Productivity with G2 Track

June 16, 2021

G2 Track Collaboration
request a demo Teamwork makes the dream work

Learn how to give your organization a collaboration boost, and so much more, with G2 Track.

When it comes to your company’s success, there are many factors at play.

One factor that you need to pay close attention to is how well employees across departments can work together and collaborate on various projects and assignments. How can you know for sure if the SaaS tools your company has within its tech landscape are helping or hurting how employees collaborate?

To better promote collaboration, you need to make sure that shadow IT doesn’t spiral out of control, causing your SaaS budget to be spread too thin, on software with overlapping features. Additionally, nothing stifles collaboration quite like asking your employees to use software they don’t enjoy. 

If shadow IT and a low user sentiment are holding your team back from reaching peak collaboration levels, all is not lost. Here’s how to know for sure if this is happening at your company and how G2 Track can help boost collaboration, productivity, and communication for the long haul.

Ways an organization is lacking in collaboration 

No matter the size of your business or the industry, it’s imperative that all departments can collaborate effectively and efficiently with one another on all tasks. However, sometimes there are ways the software within a company’s tech stack can bottleneck departments and stand in the way of productive collaboration. 

There are two main instances where an organization may begin to experience diminished collaboration across various departments. If shadow IT is in abundance and the use of the right software is lacking, it will be harder for teams to work together on similar projects and accomplish aligned goals. 

An abundance of shadow IT

Having numerous instances of shadow IT within a company’s tech stack can diminish collaboration across teams – fast.

If the IT department isn’t sure of the kinds of tools employees are using, the likelihood of a company’s SaaS landscape becoming riddled with applications that are similar or have overlapping functionality increases. For instance, if the marketing department is using software X for project management, and the sales department is using software Y, they’ll find it increasingly difficult to collaborate on shared tasks. 

For all departments to have maximum collaboration with one another, everyone needs to be using the same tool. It can be extremely frustrating when teams attempt to work cohesively only for tasks, responsibilities, documents, and communication to be forced into two tools because the departments can’t get on the same page on which tool to use. 

Not only does this slow down cross-team communication, but it also causes confusion between employees while creating redundancy and wasted SaaS spend. When a company has a shadow IT problem, say goodbye to teams working together in harmony. At the end of the day, it’s in everyone's best interest to agree on one tool to avoid wasted SaaS budget and overlapping functionality across applications. 

Falling user sentiment and software usage

The other instance that companies can see collaboration start to fall in a big way is if employees are being forced to use software they don’t actually enjoy using. Whether it’s because of a clunky design, missing features, or it’s a redundant tool, there could be many reasons why employees dread logging in to a specific application each day. 

In fact, more than half of all employees are unhappy at work because of the software tools they’re using. And about 76% of employees have said that the software they’re using at work has made them consider leaving their jobs. (G2)

1 in 8

employees have quit their jobs because of mismatched software.


At the end of the day, if an employee dislikes the software they’re using, productivity and collaboration are sure to fall. 

When you know your employees’ opinions and user sentiment regarding how they feel about the software within your tech stack, you’ll have a greater chance of increasing productivity and collaboration. At the same time, employees will feel more valued at work because their opinions are actually acknowledged. 

Best of all, when employees feel like they are heard, appreciated, and have a voice at the table, there’s a greater chance they’ll stay at an organization for the long haul.

How G2 Track allows for seamless teamwork

If the above points sound familiar and you’re looking for ways to give your team the collaboration boost they need for success, G2 Track can help.

For starters, G2 Track seamlessly identifies, maps, and monitors all of the software within your tech stack, allowing for complete transparency into the tools you are or aren’t aware of. With this data at your fingertips, you’ll reduce the likelihood of shadow IT from bottlenecking collaboration, since you can pinpoint the overlap that has gone unnoticed. 

When you can see the redundant features between applications used by individuals in various departments, you can then determine which software is the best fit for both your employees and the company budget. 

Having a SaaS system of record like G2 Track gives your IT team the power to reveal shadow IT and identify the applications that have gone under the radar. You’ll always have the insights you crave regarding what all employees across all departments are using day in and day out.

One of the ways G2 Track is truly a single source of truth into SaaS data is by utilizing Pulse Surveys to get honest feedback regarding applications. They’re the fastest, easiest way to ask your employees what they really think about a product in your tech stack, providing an inside look at the ROI of your SaaS tools.

G2 Pulse Surveys

Once you take a look at the feedback from the Pulse Surveys, you’ll know how employees really feel about each application they use. This will tell you which tools are critical to their daily responsibilities, which they can go without, and which they enjoy using but don’t necessarily need. This understanding of whether your employees are satisfied, productive, and able to collaborate with one another makes it possible to put user sentiment data at the center of necessary decision-making.

G2 Track Net Promoter Score

It's a team effort

Don’t let software hold your employees back. Now is the time to implement G2 Track to ensure that all departments can collaborate at the high level needed to be their most productive selves. When your teams can come together and work as one cohesive unit, the sky’s the limit.

Interested in learning more about how G2 Track can boost collaboration, promote happy employees, and save you money? Request a demo to find out how.

request a demo Teamwork makes the dream work

Learn how to give your organization a collaboration boost, and so much more, with G2 Track.

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