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Stop Drowning in Spreadsheets: Let G2 Track Manage Your SaaS

July 15, 2021

SaaS Management with G2 Track
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A step above spreadsheets

Learn more about how G2 Track can help keep SaaS data organized without using a spreadsheet.

From Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets, you might consider yourself an expert in navigating your way through spreadsheets.

Even the most talented spreadsheet users will eventually feel like they’re in over their head as they try to manage one spreadsheet after another that contains stale or inaccurate data pertaining to their organization’s tech stack. It may start to feel impossible to know when the information was last updated if the right people have access, and if the appropriate changes to software ownership have been made. This will only get worse as your organization scales.

That’s where G2 Track comes in. As a system of record for all things SaaS-related, you can be confident that the data you have in front of you has been updated in real time, meaning it’s always accurate and up-to-date. 

Here’s why you need to kiss your SaaS spreadsheets goodbye.

All your data, all in one place

One of the reasons why relying on spreadsheets isn’t always the best idea for an organization is that your data is spread out, making it hard to track down or know who has access to what information.

With a single source of truth like G2 Track, all of your data will be in one place, organized with easy-to-read dashboards and alerts, so you never miss a thing. When this is the case, you will no longer be confused about which departments are using which applications, when they’re set to renew, and who owns each software contract.

Since everyone who needs visibility into your company's current state of SaaS will have access to this data, it reduces the number of emails or internal office messages asking the same question over and over: “do you know where I can find X?” Once employees are signed up and onboarded into G2 Track, all it takes is a few clicks to access the right dashboard or product to find exactly the answer you’re looking for.

Plus, G2 Track boasts a long list of integrations that range from single sign-on, financial, and direct integrations, making it easier than ever to gather and organize data while also providing complete transparency around company spend.

Having all of these integrations at your fingertips makes it possible to eliminate the chaos caused by SaaS data in spreadsheets and in one secure location. Having the ability to connect directly into all of these systems that provide detailed knowledge of how licenses are used, how money is being allocated and spent, and more means that the data within G2 Track is always fresh.

“I love logging into my account each month and find the information I'm looking for in one place. I don't have to track down each account owner to see monthly spend.”

Jessica P.
G2 Track Review

Financial security

Think about how much data is on your computer sitting in an unprotected spreadsheet. This spreadsheet could be exposing your data to a cyber attack or putting your entire company at risk of a data breach.

Not only will G2 Track keep your data secure – as only the people who require access will have a login – but if any anomalies are hiding within your company’s SaaS spend, G2 Track will find it. 

With dashboards dedicated to budget trends, you’ll always have a clear indication of when your fiscal year is set to end, what the budget is, and how much is remaining. At the end of the day, you can't rely on budget details if they lay stagnant in a spreadsheet.

If you do, your team is operating off of insufficient data. If financial data is being updated via manual uploads or keystrokes, nothing is being appropriately synced, leading to overspending.

This method leaves your business prone to manual error with financial accuracies slipping further and further away with every new spreadsheet. Plus, it’s easy to forget that these spreadsheets exist in the first place, meaning they hardly ever get opened and updated – making their data meaningless when you need it most.

Instead, let G2 Track update this information manually, so you always have accurate information surrounding the budget, product spend, and more, making it possible for your team to forecast SaaS spending and create a more accurate budget in the future.

“As an IT Manager, discovery of utilized tools was a pain point. Lists and spreadsheets are too static. Tracking spend trends on usage-based tools really helps keep those costs under control.”

Administrator in Small-Business Financial Services
G2 Track Review

Contract transparency 

Contract information is constantly changing, especially as software use and your company’s SaaS landscape expand. 

When you leave contract information in a spreadsheet laying dormant, you’ll never have transparency regarding:

  • When a contract is set to renew
  • When a contract is about to expire
  • Who owns each contract
  • Whether you’re allocating too much – or not enough – spend per contract license in relation to the employees using the SaaS products

Is this the kind of data you’re looking to leave up to chance?

Instead, let G2 Track provide you with a 360 degree look into which contracts are renewing each month, how long the contract term is for, who the contract owner is, if it’s set to renew automatically, the contract’s total value, and so much more – all in one dashboard.

upcoming contract renewal dashboard

Source: G2 Track

Spreadsheets aren’t empowering your organization's leaders or C-suite executives to actually own any part of financial decisions. Thankfully, G2 Track provides accountability for spend per department.

Simplifying vendor changes

Utilizing a tool like G2 Track simplifies remaining up to date with all vendor-related changes. 

If your team is still being bogged down by keeping data in a spreadsheet, changing software vendors without accurate information can lead to more than just wasted spending and shadow IT and pay for software with overlapping features and functionality.  

You also risk canceling a SaaS contract your team loves only to change it to one that your employees don’t like to use or don’t feel like is critical to their daily responsibilities. 

With G2 Track’s Sentiment Hub and user sentiment data, you’ll always know for sure how your team feels about the software within your SaaS landscape, leading to better-informed decisions and smarter use of the company budget. 

G2 Track Sentiment Data

Source: G2 Track

Say so long to spreadsheets

And hello to G2 Track and the instant SaaS visibility and better stack decisions that come with it. 

Using a spreadsheet for visibility into SaaS spending simply isn’t good enough anymore to grasp the changing SaaS landscape within your company, especially as you scale. 

Find out more ways G2 Track makes spreadsheets a thing of the past when you request a demo today.

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A step above spreadsheets

Learn more about how G2 Track can help keep SaaS data organized without using a spreadsheet.

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