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SaaS Application Support: Why G2 Track's Model Stands Out

February 5, 2024

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Software glitches: productivity's worst enemy.

Whether the entire application is down, you're unexpectedly locked out of your account, or the specific feature you need to use isn't responding, SaaS applications aren't perfect. Because of this, it's essential that you have a clear understanding of the SaaS application support your tools offer. 

With more SaaS tools within your tech stack, it becomes difficult for businesses to receive immediate support. Thankfully, if you choose a SaaS management tool that always keeps the needs of the customer top of mind, receiving support is much easier. 

G2 Track is a complete system of record for your tools and provides SaaS application support that is there for you when you need it the most. It provides comprehensive vendor support through dedicated account executives, customer success managers, and implementation specialists.

Let's dive in and explore more about how G2 Track offers optimum SaaS application support.

Thorough implementation process

When you sign up for G2 Track, one of the first ways a customer receives support is through the implementation process. Our team walks customers through the step-by-step timeline that not only outlines when check-in calls will take place but also when various integrations are being set up for you in the backend.

Customers are always fully looped in regarding configurations, integrations, departmental setups, contract data entry, and more. There’s also a date scheduled for a comprehensive training session so customers can see exactly how to use each dashboard and feature. Once the onboarding process is complete, a customer success rep is assigned to each customer to ensure ongoing success as they use G2 Track.

Concierge service

One of the biggest values G2 Track offers customers in regards to a SaaS support model is our concierge service. Depending on the plan customers signed up for, they enjoy the benefit of our data experts entering details regarding their software contracts into the system.

This not only frees up a ton of time for our customers, but it also ensures minimal errors and that every last detail that’s needed to get the most out of G2 Track is in the system from day one.

From contract start dates to contract owners and renewal dates, it’s all awaiting in G2 Track. We even offer data surrounding contract opt-out dates and automated alerts to keep customers on top of their contract management. 

Savings assessment

Another way the G2 Track SaaS application support keeps customers’ needs front and center is with our savings assessments.

These assessments help customers identify potential saving opportunities and where there are new or already existing opportunities to save. These assessments are done by right-sizing contracts, examining licenses that should be reclaimed, products with overlapping functionality, low user sentiment, and so much more. 

These assessments will provide information like:

  • A customer’s average annual software spend per employee
  • Where a customer’s spending falls in relation to other companies with a similar number of employees
  • The number of tools within their tech stack and how that compares to other companies 
  • A complete overview of any overlapping software
  • How many contracts have expired
  • Integration data
  • Spend allocation across software categories
  • A list of unused licenses and unengaged users 

Once the savings assessment is complete, customers receive a full list of observations and recommendations from one of our SaaS experts. How they decide to use this data is ultimately up to them!

"We received top-notch post-purchase support that is rare in an industry that tends to stop caring once you cut a check. This sets G2 Track apart from the rest.”

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Live chat

Using innovative chatbot software, customers can utilize the live chat feature on the G2 Track website from anywhere and at any time. Because of our global team, we can offer a SaaS support model that is always there to answer questions rapidly.

When customers start a conversation with one of our tech support experts, they can receive a response in just a few minutes. No matter what a customer is experiencing, our support model offers help at a moment's notice.

User sentiment

One way that G2 Track offers SaaS support that is unique to other SaaS management platforms is through our user sentiment hub. Having this data is not only vital to our customers and their business, but it’s just another way to highlight ways where they can spend their money smarter.

In our sentiment hub, you can know exactly how your team feels about the software within your company’s tech stack if they find it critical to their day-to-day tasks, and if you're wasting software budget on it each month. 

G2 Track's user sentiment hub

Get a full breakdown of every tool your company uses and where it falls within four categories:

  • Replace or retrain: Tools within this sentiment summary are software solutions that employees believe to be critical to their daily responsibilities but don’t necessarily enjoy using. It’s in your company’s best interest to replace the software with a different option that has similar features and functionality. A company could also retrain employees on how to use this software in case some of its features aren’t being utilized in ways that they should be.
  • Consider eliminating: Pay special attention to software that is disliked by employees and considered to be non-critical to their day-to-day tasks. Based on this feedback, any applications that fall within this category should be eliminated, since they don’t provide value to your employees and are wasted SaaS spend.
  • Renegotiate pricing: There’s some software within your tech stack that employees will say they love to use but don't find critical to their daily tasks. When this is the case, take a look at the license and cost of the tool. Before the contract is renewed, consider renegotiating the cost or lowering license counts.
  • Keep and expand: When employees say that software is both loved and critical, it’s easy to categorize it as a must-have tool that needs to be used for the long term. It’s in your best interest to move these applications onto a multi-year contract.

Contracts and renewals alerts

How often does your organization miss a renewal date on a contract? As part of the SaaS application support model with G2 Track, customers have an entire dashboard dedicated to alerts that not only pinpoint data surrounding total spending but also any abnormal spending increases.

For instance, if your business has contracts set to expire at the end of the current month, G2 Track will tell you. The same for a certain department’s spending has increased substantially month-over-month. Customers can also define how far in advance they’d like to receive these alerts and how often.

From these alerts, customers can choose to dismiss or view details, where further data awaits on upcoming or automatic contract renewals. For added convenience, these alerts can be emailed to the appropriate contract owner and can also be sent to a specific Slack channel.

Consistent budget overviews

No one likes to go over budget. Especially when it comes to your SaaS budget. Part of the G2 Track support model is showcasing an overview of our customers’ budgets in an easy-to-read dashboard. 

The dashboard shows the following insights:

  • Company-wide SaaS budget
  • SaaS budget per department 
  • Fiscal year-to-date spend
  • The remaining budget for the fiscal year
  • The start and end dates of the fiscal year

This makes it easy for customers to check in as often as necessary on where they are within their budget, a percentage breakdown of what each department is spending, and if they’re over or under budget.

G2 Track help center

If you’re looking for advice and answers from subject matter experts regarding product features, integrations, and workspace settings, there’s the G2 Track help center. Customers can easily search through step-by-step guides written by the G2 Track team with helpful instructions and screenshots.

When customers are unsure how to change their privacy settings, invite team members to a workspace, or set up the compliance hub, they can receive straightforward answers in just a few clicks.

Surrounded by support

When it comes to comprehensive SaaS application support, G2 Track has got its customers covered. No matter what our customers need or questions that may arise, an expert is available to provide answers, troubleshoot a glitch, or walk them through using a dashboard. All without having to pay for it!

Interested in finding out more about G2 Track? Request a demo now to get started.

g2 track free
Overpaying for software?

End the cycle now! Get G2 Track to optimize your SaaS spend for maximum savings.

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