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G2 Track + Vendr Partnership Helps Customers Control SaaS Spend

December 7, 2021

G2 Track partners with Vendr
g2 track and vendr partnership
Control your stack.

From purchase to renewal, manage your stack more effectively. Learn how to optimize your SaaS stack with G2 Track + Vendr.

SaaS management is one of the biggest challenges for companies struggling to gain control of their software stack. 

In fact, G2 Track reports that 10-15% of a company’s software stack doesn’t have a clear owner, contract, or approval process. But as the SaaS industry continues to expand and grow, managing your tech stack is more important now than ever before. 

G2 Track is pleased to announce a new partnership with Vendr. The goal of this partnership is to help companies surface their full SaaS stack and find ways to save money, strengthen their bottom line, and free up critical resources for higher-value work. Together, G2 Track + Vendr is the go-to solution to uncovering internal software footprints and optimizing software sprawl and spend.

About G2 Track + Vendr

G2 Track and Vendr work together to:

  • Gain greater data visibility about SaaS spend and usage
  • Provide actionable steps to get tech stacks under control
  • Optimize and manage the entire purchasing process for new purchases and renewals

About Vendr

Vendr is a SaaS buying platform that enables companies to purchase software without friction. The platform improves the buying process and frees up time wasted on supplier communications so you can focus on more strategic projects.

Companies turn to Vendr to save time, money, and stress managing their ever-growing software expenses. And as tech stacks become even more critical to modern business operations, Vendr makes the process of buying and renewing SaaS products painless. 

Vendr buys and renews all of your SaaS at the best price – so you don’t have to negotiate a single deal. 

About G2 Track

G2 Track is an easy-to-use, secure SaaS management platform that provides instant visibility into a company’s SaaS footprint. Companies use data from G2 Track to:

  • Rightsize SaaS stacks and associated licenses, contracts, and expenses
  • Streamline software management in one platform
  • Alleviate the complexity and uncertainty of the internal software landscape

Let G2 Track + Vendr manage your stack

According to G2 Track data, companies can save as much as $3.3M simply by eliminating software waste. However, controlling SaaS spend is easier said than done. 

That’s where contract negotiation management and contract renewal management come into play. The G2 Track + Vendr partnership helps you make informed decisions about your tech stack so you can confidently purchase and renew software without doing any of the heavy lifting yourself. 

Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2, discusses how partnering with Vendr creates an all-in-one solution for SaaS contract negotiation and renewal management. Rossio explains, “G2 Track instantly unlocks visibility into our customers' SaaS stack and spend, while Vendr's team uses that information to outsource negotiations."

“The G2 Track + Vendr partnership makes it simple for our customers to optimize their software stack.”

Sara Rossio
CPO at G2

Greater data visibility 

G2 Track provides users with instant visibility into their company’s SaaS footprint. The platform enables businesses to confidently optimize their tech stacks through robust integrations that aggregate and analyze software utilization, spend, and internal satisfaction trends. 

This data uncovers critical information about your tech stack, including your software spend, contract control and compliance, and employee sentiment about each tool. This guarantees you have the information you need about your stack so you can avoid paying for unused or disliked platforms and control exorbitant software costs. 

All of this data unlocks greater transparency into a company’s SaaS stack and empowers leaders to better understand their software spend – without having to manually dig through contracts and budget reports.

Better stack control

The next step is turning insights into actionable knowledge you can use to best control your software stack. G2 Track identifies and illustrates insights so you know exactly how to sustainably invest in the right tech to grow your business. 

IT, finance, and procurement teams leverage this knowledge to rightsize their SaaS stacks and streamline their software maintenance. This alleviates the complexity and uncertainty that comes with a growing, yet disconnected internal software landscape. 

Better stack control can help streamline operations, eliminate floating contracts, simplify vendor changes, and empower employees to become more efficient with contract management.

G2 Track dashboard managing SaaS software and spendG2 Track’s dashboard

Optimized purchasing process

Once you gain visibility into your stack and spend, Vendr will leverage this data and optimize the purchasing process with full end-to-end deal management, including negotiations. The platform facilitates the entire SaaS purchasing process for both new purchases and renewals, saving you critical time and money. 

"G2 Track digs into your company's licenses, employee sentiment, and usage data to make decisions about how to best optimize your software stack,” explains Maria Massad, Senior Product Marketing Manager at G2. “You can breathe easier knowing Vendr's team of executive buyers are managing the purchasing process on your behalf.”

“This partnership is a slam dunk for customers who want to save time managing their SaaS sprawl."

Maria Massad
Sr. Product Marketing Manager at G2.

With G2 Track + Vendr, you can ensure your team members have the information they need to do their jobs correctly, strengthen their bottom line, and free up critical resources for higher-value work. 

Vendr platform dashboard showing new SaaS purchaseVendr's dashboard

Manage your SaaS en masse

“One of the biggest pain points in SaaS management is also now one of the easiest to avoid: visibility. It’s what costs companies hundreds of thousands of dollars every year,” explains Brian Signorelli, Vendr’s Vice President, Go-to-Market.

Together, G2 Track + Vendr pack a powerful punch. Companies can now leverage this partnership to surface their full SaaS stack for greater data visibility, better stack control, and an optimized purchasing process. 

“Partnering with G2 Track means that companies are always in the know and empowered to make smarter decisions about their SaaS stack.”

Brian Signorelli
VP, Go-to-Market at Vendr

Signorelli adds, “Finding, negotiating the best price, and managing your software contracts can now all be done in one seamless workflow, combining G2’s leading software identification and management with Vendr’s cutting edge negotiation insights and services.”

Manage your SaaS stack and spend more effectively, from new purchases all the way to renewal. Get started today with G2 Track + Vendr

g2 track and vendr partnership
Control your stack.

From purchase to renewal, manage your stack more effectively. Learn how to optimize your SaaS stack with G2 Track + Vendr.

Manage your software costs with G2 Track.